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Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Super Famicom home video game console in 1996. Gameplay: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is a tactical role-playing game in which the player takes the roles of Sigurd and his son Seliph across a variety of story-driven missions on the continent of Jugdral. The story is divided into chapters, which are in turn divided between two generations of characters. Before and during missions, the player units may settle in a home base, where various actions can be taken such as repairing weapons, buying and selling items, and participating in arena battles. Castle towns within mission maps can also be visited for similar services. Battles play out using a turn-based system where each unit on both sides is given their chance to move and act.Characters move and attack within the same turn, and in a few cases units can take two moves in a turn. A key part of combat is the Weapon Triangle, a new addition to the series which governs the opposing strengths and weaknesses of weapon types based on a rock–paper–scissors system – lances are stronger than swords, swords are stronger than axes, and axes are stronger than lances. A secondary system governs the magic system, where Fire, Lightning, and Wind spells have varying strengths and weaknesses against each other with Light and Dark magic existing outside of the magic triangle whilst having an advantage over the elemental magic types. Each unit has a character class which determines their weapons, movement, and which skills they possess. Weapon types also affect battle performance: for instance, axes deal more damage, but weigh characters down more than swords.

The actions taken in earlier parts of a map can affect later parts of that mission, triggering scripted changes in objectives and enemy behavior: for instance, when a castle is seized, the neighboring castle will deploy additional troops. After each battle, a player character gains experience points. When a unit gains 100 experience points, they receive random boosts to their statistics such as health, strength and speed.All characters are subject to permanent death if they are defeated in battle, removing them from the rest of the game. If the army’s leader is killed, the map must be restarted from a save file, which can be written to at the start of every turn. Victory is achieved upon capturing a specific castle on the map

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