Ghostbusters is a 1990 platform shoot ’em up video game. Gameplay: Ghostbusters is a platform shoot ’em up with side-scrolling gameplay.The game’s story involves ghosts terrorizing a city after an earthquake. The game features a choice of three playable Ghostbuster characters from the films: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler. The Ghostbusters each have their own traits relating to speed and shooting strength, and they are each animated with oversized heads meant to resemble their respective actor’s likeness. The player can crouch, jump, and is equipped with a positron gun, which can be shot in all directions and is used to eliminate ghosts. The player earns money by eliminating ghosts, and can use the funds to buy upgraded weapons through shops that appear in between levels. Upgraded weapons include a bomb and a gun that emits flames. The player can also purchase a shield that provides temporary invincibility. Money is also used to buy food for health replenishment.


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