Home Alone (SNES)

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Home Alone is the title of several tie-in video games based on the film of the same name written by John Hughes. Versions were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Master System, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Amiga and MS-DOS platforms. There are multiple versions of the game and each features a different style of gameplay, but all share the same plot and roughly the same objective from the film: Kevin McCallister is left home alone when his family goes on Christmas vacation to Paris. He must prevent Harry and Marv, the “Wet Bandits”, from burgling his home, using various household objects as traps and/or weapons.

Super NES In the Super NES version, the goal is to evade the Wet Bandits while bringing all the McCallister’s fortunes from the house down to the safe room in the basement. Once all items have been sent down the chute to the basement, Kevin must make it past rats, bats, spiders, and ghosts he encounters in the basement, then fight a boss so he can make it to the safe room to lock away all of his family’s riches.
NES In the version for the NES, the player must avoid being caught by Harry and Marv for 20 minutes. During this time, Kevin can set various traps using items scattered around the house, each with a different corresponding strength and allowing the person tripping them to be knocked unconscious longer. Kevin can also hide behind certain parts of the house, but only for two consecutive turns; any other concurrent passings will result in a game over. Some copies of the NES version have two different “game over” screens; one having Kevin McCallister performing his trademark screaming face with a speech balloon on his left side that reads “Oh no!”, the other one only having a large cloud with “Oh no!” in the middle of it.
Sega platforms The Genesis and Game Gear versions feature a slightly different plot. While the games still revolve around Kevin’s battle with the Wet Bandits, he instead must protect several houses in his neighborhood while waiting 20 minutes for the police to arrive (40 on higher difficulties). During the game, the Wet Bandits drive around the neighborhood in their nondescript van until they decide to enter one of the houses.
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