International Superstar Soccer is the name of a series of football video games developed by Japanese company Konami. Titles in the series appeared on Super NES, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows. International Superstar Soccer should not be confused with Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo’s Pro Evolution Soccer series (also known as Winning Eleven), which was originally developed for the PlayStation. In July 2020, it was reported that Konami was considering porting several games in the series onto the Nintendo Switch. Game modes: Open Game: A simple friendly match, that can be played against the CPU, another player, or just watched as the CPU controls both teams. International Cup: A mode that emulates the FIFA World Cup, (which had qualifying round. where teams are distributed in six groups of four that year), teams each. The best 16 in this stage qualify to the knockout stage until the champion is known. World Series: A league competition where all teams play against each other in a round-robin system. Training: A series of challenges in different respects (dribbling, passing, shooting to the goal, defending and corner kick taking, in order), where the player must complete these challenges successfully under the established time, with the goal to sharpening the player’s abilities. Scenario: Enables the player to select one among nine matches running their courses, in order to achieve victory before time runs out (all matches start during the second half, and the player’s team may be losing or tied). A draw results in failure. Penalty Kick: A simple penalty kick match. Each team takes five shots alternately and, if there is no winner after these shots, they go into a sudden death round. The game uses a password system in order to save and load International Cup and World Series Euro Cup matches.


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