Rambo III is a series of video games based on the film Rambo III (1988). Like in the film, their main plots center on former Vietnam-era Green Beret John Rambo being recalled up to duty one last time to rescue his former commander, Colonel Sam Trautman, who was captured during a covert operation mission in Soviet-controlled Afghanistan. Taito released an arcade game based on the film. The console versions were developed and published by Sega, the PC DOS version was developed by Ocean and published by Taito, and Ocean developed and published the other home computer versions (Atari ST, Amiga, Spectrum, C64, Amstrad) Taito released a rail shooter arcade video game based on the film. It features both Rambo and Sam Trautman as playable characters. The Sega Master System version, released in 1988, is a light gun shooter along the lines of Operation Wolf. The Light Phaser is supported. What makes this game also unique is that unlike the NES (and Sega Master System Port, ironically) port of Operation Wolf, as long as the player has ammunition in the game, the light phaser’s trigger can be held down to supply full automatic shooting. When the ammunition runs out though, the player will have to pull the trigger each time when shooting.


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